Service Advantage

  • Professional Quality

    Professional Quality

    14 Years of Engineering Service Experience

  • One-piece Welding

    One-piece Welding

    Unlimited Minimum Order Quantity

  • Deliver Fast

    Deliver Fast

    R&D Polit Run PCBA 24 Hours Fast Delivery

  • Focus on R&D

    Focus on R&D

    SOP Established for R&D Board

  • Flexible Production Line

    Flexible Production Line

    Meet a Variety of Manufacturing and Processing Need

  • Professional DFT/DFM

    Professional DFT/DFM

    Provide Optimal Manufacturing Solutions

Service Project


With years of design and service experience, KnowHow-Tech dig PCB Layout design and DFT, DFM optimization scheme. We break devices and technologies to ensure that each product delivered is a fine product.

R&D Polit Run

KnowHow-Tech is equipped with the world's leading electronics manufacturing equipment, providing fast and small batch PCB welding patch service for electronics R&D enterprises and engineers.

PCBA Manufacturing

KnowHow-Tech provides customers with professional manufacturing one-stop service, with highly intelligent flexible production line resources, to meet various manufacturing and processing needs.

BGA Rework

KnowHow-Tech has IPC certified repairmen and BGA ball planting and repair professional equipment, with X-Ray testing equipment, with a wealth of BGA chip welding, ball planting, fly line, repair, X-Ray inspection capabilities.

Reverse Engineering

KnowHow-Tech provides extensive reverse engineering services for electronic circuits, specializing in layering, sanding, scanning, and tracing complex multilayer boards until PCB design documents are recovered.

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